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Innovative Internship Application Deadline Drawing Near

September 27, 2009

Student journalist superstars, step up! The application deadline for the college media universe’s most innovative internship is drawing near.

College media innovation is at the center of professor Bryan Murley’s academic existence, and he also operates a center bearing its name.  He is seeking an intern 2.0 to assist him with the Center for Innovation in College Media blog and beyond- possibly including work with podcasts, video streams, and online maps and databases.   In return, the lucky student receives a stipend, a glowing reference letter, and the chance to explore the college media craft with a master.

According to Murley, he is looking for an American or international student with the following skills: “social media savvy (Twitter, friendfeed, etc.), video and audio (soundslides, mogulus or ustream), blogging (WordPress), college journalism (worked as a college journalist, familiar with college media environment).”

October 1st is fast approaching.  Click here.  Learn more.  Be the next Lauren Rabaino. Apply now.

Have an internship or academic opportunity of interest to j-students? Let us know!

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